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Bishop is more determined to avenge her boyfriend's murder when the team finds a new lead in the Chen case. In the meantime, Torres teaches his fellow agents the art of pick-pocketing.
As always, I LOVE this series and look forward to it each and every week. 2 goofs surprised me in this episode: the first one is when they show the victim&#39;s first name as RENEÉ. René is a French name for boys. When it is used for girls, a muted e is added, making it RENÉE with the accent on the first E and not on the second E. Even though this is a goof, it is really mild when compared to the second one.<br/><br/>The second and very strange goof is when Bishop, after handcuffing Chen to the pipes, declares that she got the program Chen had had done to blow up the tower and she pulls out from her purse a FLOPPY disk! She then proceeds to insert it in a slot in a green metal concoction on the wall, goes outside to meet the rest of the team and the whole building with the tower and Chen inside blows up.<br/><br/>As a certified tech, this reminds me of some of the movies in the early 90&#39;s where secret agents would be fighting over incredible massive data and files and everything would incredibly enough would be on a floppy disk. First of all, floppy disks only hold 1.44 Mb, enough for a small document. A program Bishop refers to would need a lot more than a floppy to be carried around. Secondly, even if you had enough on a floppy, which is still impossible, you would have execute that program on a computer. Bishop just shoves it in a slot and the thing runs by itself. But the best in all of that is that Bishop is technically inclined, why would she use an antique floppy disk from the early 90&#39;s in 2017???

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